Hello and welcome to our page, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are KENARO, and Microsoft technology is our passion. Allow us a hand in your system, we raise the stakes high. Together, we can make great performance a reality.



Every business is individual. Why should standard software suit you if you can get it setup as you wish?


You have your specialty and we have ours. May we share our knowledge with you?


In IT, everything rarely goes according to plan. We support you in case of cases – and otherwise.

Business Analysis

Every business process deserves the right IT support at the right cost & effort.


Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is the communication center of your company.

We advise you on the use of Microsoft SharePoint Server (2016, 2013, 2010, 2007) in your company.

Microsoft Internet Information Server

The “IIS” is the web server of Microsoft.

We show you how to make your internal and external apps fly with it.

Microsoft SQL Server

The SQL Server from Microsoft stores your data.

We will show you how to use the product correctly and how to use it for your business applications.


Microsoft BizTalk Server

The BizTalk server connects your business applications, transfers data and secures transactions.

We will show you what this product can do.